Exploring the Impact of Ict in Student Creativity

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2021


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Exploring the Impact of Ict in Student Creativity

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nigar Zeynalova



This paper presents results of research related exploring the impact of ICT in student creativty. The author of research works for the Azerbaijan University of Languages and she conducted a survey among students of Azerbaijan universities. This study analyses impact of ICT in student creativity. The survey method have been used in this research to find out the impact of ICT in student creativity in higher education. The self-made survey have been developed in Google Chrome forms and included 16 questions asking also about respondents’ sex, age, education level, course year, type of university (public and private), and major. 378 respondents participated in survey from both public and private universities. Survey have been distributed by our fellow colleagues in various universities in the capital city only. The validity and reliability of survey questions have been discussed with different experts and afterwards the survey have been distributed through personal connections among the students of both in public and private universities. Limitations of this study are following: why creativity development is important and how teachers help students to develop their creativity. Therefore, for the future study it is suggested to conduct survey with the participation of higher education teachers. Analysing our research results we have found that implementation of ICT in the teaching and learning process is fostering students critical thinking and their creativity development. Students actively using ICT and its possibilities in all possible lessons and ways not only prepare their classes, but they think that all these possibilities also helping them to develop their creativity.

keywords: creativity, impact, ICT, student, higher education, technology, innovation.