Determinants of Households Expenditures On Health Risks in Nigeria

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2020


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Determinants of Households Expenditures On Health Risks in Nigeria

Ezenekwe, Uju R, Asogwa T. Henry, Ezebuilo R. Ukwueze, Iwuamadi, Kelechi



The trends of unavoidable and increasing health risk largely funded through out of pocket expenditures among different socioeconomic groups especially in rural areas now form part of Nigeria social issues which have increasingly heated public debate on health risk. This and many more have influenced the household expenditures on health risk, and using data from the National Living Standard Survey (NLSS) 2015 to estimate the extents households’ inequality have been Worsen by the distribution of health risk as well as the determinants of Households expenditures on health risk in Nigeria. The findings revealed that health risks have created huge disparities among households in Nigeria which include the financial burden among households given the severity of health risk variation as evidenced in the result have deepen huge gap among different households groups. And those reasonable numbers of Nigeria households are deprived when it comes to accessing health care insurance (hlinsur), medication (hlmedc), and other health care facilities. Hence, recommended that public health priority be placed in rural and regional zones of the country with fragile health facilities as this will reduce huge expenditure burden on health risk, medication, hospitalization and cost so as to alleviate increasing health risk noticeable among certain income groups alongside healthcare interventions in Nigeria.

Keywords: Disparity; Financial Burden; Health Access; Health care; and Health Insurance.