The Adoption of New Ecommerce Technologies in Romanian SME

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Academic Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2020


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The Adoption of New Ecommerce Technologies in Romanian SME

Valentin-Andrei Mănescu, Gheorghe Militaru, Andreea Barbu, Ramona-Alexandra Neghină, Dragoș-Georgian Ilie



Romanian companies are expanding in the online environment very fast due to high-speed Internet connections and availability of software programmers. Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, many entrepreneurs have various opportunities to start or extend their online businesses. The increasing number of open APIs provided by local or global suppliers offer many possibilities for digitalizing a company and extending its activity locally or globally with less resources. Billing companies, shipping companies, advertising companies and other ecommerce related companies are developing business software to facilitate the communication between the most popular ecommerce platforms from the local and international market. The research identified which are the most important processes for ecommerce stores and the level of processes digitalization. For obtaining accurate conclusions our quantitative research was applied to ecommerce entrepreneurs from many niches in companies which are based in Romania. Our results can help to understand the current state of the Romanian ecommerce market and if entrepreneurs and managers would improve or invest in new technologies. Fast business digitalization can offer new opportunities for small and medium enterprises in order to extend locally or even globally.

Keywords: Online entrepreneurs, Ecommerce research, Ecommerce technology, Business software, Romanian e-tail.