A Holistic Framework Towards the Digital Adoption of Flexible Facility Layout Design

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



A Holistic Framework Towards the Digital Adoption of Flexible Facility Layout Design

Salam Qaddoori Dawood Al-Zubaidi, Gualtiero Fantoni1, and Franco Failli



Supply chain and flexible facility layout aspects play an important role in the project management, especially in the competitive Small\Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Due to continuous demand changing and challenging decision-making in the industrial environment and market, traditional Facility Layout (FL) design has uncertainty outputs, long-term mistake, and unreliable models. So, this paper introduces an adaptive solution framework aligning with this significant issue. This comprehensive framework discusses the design phases of flexible facility layout from digital transformation perspective. The framework consists of three design phases (Conceptual, Design Optimization, and Real-Time Design Phase). Identifying the enabling technologies for each design phase assists the designers, decision makers, and managers to respond immediately and take fast decision and right action on time. The past research work discussed the conceptual and optimization design phases. So, the real-time design phase is the novelty of this research that is aligned with Industry 4.0 movement, and it can be integrated with smart production and logistic systems. Thus, This framework shall enable the project management to follow the right path resolving the dynamic facility layout problem and minimizing the production cycle time (e.g., material handling time). The research sheds the light on the promising digital design of flexible facility layout, discusses the limitations and challenges, and it conclude with recommendations for future work.

keywords: project management, enabling technologies, real-time design, holistic framework, flexible facility layout.