Firms Growth Strategies in Greece – the case of Kri Kri S.A.

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



Firms Growth Strategies in Greece – the case of Kri Kri S.A.

Ioanna Dimitrakaki



The aim of this project was to examine firms’ growth strategies followed by Greek enterprises, focusing in the case of Kri Kri SA: a firm that produces dairy products located in Serres, a province of North Greece. The analysis was based exclusively in the usage of secondary data. The result indicated that Kri Kri follows four types of growth strategies, namely: 1) Market penetration, 2) New product development, 3) Diversification, and 4) International Growth. The firm has successfully implemented the aforementioned practices and this is reflected in its overall business performance (Sales, Profits, EBITDA, etc.). In conclusion, the project highlighted the importance of growth for firms and organizations as a key element for increasing their profitability and ensuring their viability. It is also indicative that the firm achieved a substantial growth despite the economic crisis that affected negatively the Greek economy (OECD, 2021) and the appearance of the COVID 19 outbreak.

keywords: Development strategies, Penetration, Differentiation, New product, Redemption-Joint venture, Innovation, Performance, Classification, Profitability, Sustainability.