Teaching radiology: Integrating medical students by increasing communication

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International conference on Advanced Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2020


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Teaching radiology: Integrating medical students by increasing communication

Ilona Petsch,Aglaé Velasco González,Walter Heindel and Boris Buerke



Medical students attend multidisciplinary conferences by choice when completing study periods in radiology. We attempt to explore how medical students can optimally be integrated into such conferences by applying a pedagogical principle adapted from adult education. Arguments are supported by our experience from academic coordinating and medical teaching in radiology. Part of a qualitative analysis of communication among medical students, medical teachers as radiologists and co-teachers of other medical disciplines was conducted by assessing conferences based on one teaching principle in a set time and observation frame. The following preliminary results are shown: Active participation of medical students is little although being addressed by radiologists with questions on imaging; Communication between medical students and all medical teachers participating is limited. In order to offer efficient and hands-on teaching, the following conclusions are drawn: To address medical students’ general and specific interests in imaging, radiologists could involve students in case interpreting and reporting more intensely; To teach medical students that imaging is essential for clinical decisions in patient care, all participating medical teachers should motivate students to join discussions.

Keywords: adult education; imaging; interaction; medical education; medical teacher.