A Systematic Analysis of Speech Perception and Sex Differences

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Social Sciences Studies

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/2nd.3sconf.2021.10.120

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A Systematic Analysis of Speech Perception and Sex Differences

Ashley Kim, Lyndsey Kim



Speech perception is the process by which the sounds of language are heard, recognized, interpreted, and understood. Because understanding spoken language is an integral part of our social interactions, communications, and learning, speech perception has been an active research topic in the fields of psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics. Research in speech perception seeks to understand how humans recognize speech sounds and use this information to understand spoken language. In this review paper, we first overview some of the brain areas underlying speech perception. We then discuss previous findings that have found significant sex differences in speech perception and those that rather suggested similarities in speech perception between women and men. Reviewing the discrepancy between the research findings will allow us to determine the degree to which sex differences impact the way individuals perceive and understand speech sounds. Although speech perception is mainly based on auditory processing, vision often plays an important role as well. In this review paper, we also include previous studies on such multimodal processing in speech perception, because, in everyday conversations in which we are routinely engaged, we often benefit from using different sensory information from different modalities (e.g., audition and vision). We conclude that while there are interesting findings on sex differences in speech perception, particularly in females, more systematic and quantitative evaluation should also be made, before making any clear conclusions about sex differences in speech perception in general.

keywords: Auditory Processing; Cognitive Science; Literature Review; Speech Perception.