The concept of sovereignty in relation to the state and power

Proceedings of The 2nd World Conference on Social Sciences Studies

Year: 2021


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The concept of sovereignty in relation to the state and power

Emirjola Yzeiraj



In this paper we will analyze two main questions: Does sovereignty exist? Where does the force of sovereignty lie? If we discuss absolute sovereignty as self-government with a relatively high independence and a relatively high power, the question arises, what is the power of sovereignty in today’s society, at a time when international law is set at a ratio with internal sovereignty, sovereignty which in their absence would be absolute and undisputed. An analysis which begins with Maritain’s concept of sovereignty as supreme power and as a natural and inalienable right, which takes absolute form. A treatment which appears as a ratio of the part with the whole, to the derivations on the political body, the people and the state and analyzes which of them has full sovereignty. For a deeper understanding, authority and power will also be analyzed as effects of sovereignty. The dynamics of this discussion includes other authors such as Fukuyama, with an analysis of the erosion of sovereignty or the compromise of sovereignty, as the principle on which the international order of modern power has been built. Seen in its optics as external interventions to strengthen legitimacy and neutralize weakness and lack of institutional capacity to implement internal policies.

keywords: sovereignty, power, state, authority.