Report on Impacts of Russia-Ukraine War on Market Investment

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Modern Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



Report on Impacts of Russia-Ukraine War on Market Investment

Dingyan Guo



Since February 21,2022, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has escalated and has evolved into a local war. Europe and the US are imposing increasing sanctions on Russia. On March l , EU representatives agreed to exclude seven Russian banks from the SWIFT system. On March 4, the Department of Industry and Security Department of Commerce imposed two new sanctions against Russia, imposing export controls on Russia’s refining industry and putting 91 entities from 10 countries on the Commerce Department’s list of export control entities for supporting Russian military activities. Sanctions against Russia, a major global exporter of energy and agricultural products, have triggered a surge in global crude oil and agricultural prices. The impacts of this war on capital investment can be discussed as three following topics: The Export Structure of Russia, The Resource Categories under Large Pricing Changes, Impacts of Shortterm Investment.

This article spreads from the factor of rising energy prices to fluctuations in food and metal prices. Russia has the pricing power of commodity prices will not fall, the global economy will fall into high energy, resource prices, Russia’s domestic economy will produce a greater recession, leading to its attitude to more extreme in Ukraine. Hence this war the impact on financial markets and investments cannot be ignored. How to make successful financial decisions in today’s international situation is exactly what this article will discuss.

keywords: Demand& Supply, Energy, International Situation, Investment, Macroeconomics, Pricing.