Positives & Negatives of Permanent work from home & suggestions for improvement

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Positives & Negatives of Permanent work from home & suggestions for improvement

Dr. Rakhi Mehta, Associate Professor



Several organizations have offered permanent work from home to their employees post lockdown having large-scale ramifications both positive and negative. The present research paper is based on a survey conducted on 100 employees in the age group of 25 to 35 years who have been offered permanent work from home post lockdown. The positives were measured in terms of greater flexibility in work with 75% of the sample endorsing this advantage; as regards saving commuting time 99% agreed to this advantage; enhancement of efficiency was also vouched for by 80% of the respondents, a better work-life balance was also agreed upon by 65% of the employees, saving in rent as not required to stay in the city of office location was agreed to by 55% of the respondents; not having to dress up for work was acknowledged by 90% of the sample. As regards, disadvantages missing out on physical interaction was validated by 78% of the respondents; lack of team bonding due to virtual mode was affirmed by 48%; lack of motivation was vouched for by 62%; long work hours were backed by 85%; feeling burnt out was recognized by 55% and the feeling of ‘out of sight is out of mind’ was confirmed by 70% of the respondents. Thus though permanent work from home is an option adopted by organizations as the Pandemic refuses to abate with the discovery of new variants organizations need to improve the conditions of their permanent work from home employees by maybe calling them to the workplace once in six months for an informal bonding, having systems in place for promotions, etc. so as to not bypass permanent work from home employees, have a strict rule of no disturbance post office hours to name a few. Thus, as we see unusual times with large-scale changes in organizations this paper is an earnest endeavor to throw light and offer suggestions for improvement in employees operating in the permanent work from home mode.

keywords: burnout, flexible work, work-family balance, team bonding, lockdown.