Parallelism in Self-Awareness

Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Parallelism with Dual Subjectivity in Self-Awareness

Shigeo Sahto



The division or distinction between I: the self and You: other than the self is a conventional dichotomy. The self―other dichotomy has long been the basis of self-awareness. However, this dichotomy is not compatible with the interaction/ relationship between the self and others. This paper aims to address self-awareness incorporating self and others as relational entities. The self conceives “Other” as a result of the interaction with others. Self-awareness embedded with two centers―ego and “Other”― will be discussed.
Self-awareness of cogito states that self-existence is innate and does not extend to others. The consciousness of the other extends beyond the realm of cogito from “where the self is” to “where he is” with other individuals. In cogito, the subject is limited to self-consciousness, however, in the area that extends to others, it targets the existence of the self-subject as an objectified self with others involved and focuses on the relationship with others. In understanding the relationship between self and others, the weight of correlation and interdependence is higher than the duality of self and others, and the identity of “relational self” (Herring, 2019, p.12) is formed.

keywords: self-other dichotomy, self-awareness, other