Social and Economic Implications of Fintech

Proceedings of The 13th International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

Year: 2022



Social and Economic Implications of Fintech

Wójcik-Czerniawska Agnieszka, Phd, Mba



Fintech is a mixture of phrases among monetary and era and maybe actually described as the use of era to deliver monetary responses with inside the monetary segment. Previously for the beyond decades, the persevering with software and dispersion of the Internet and online enterprise additionally development in facts era (IT) has changed the worldwide economic system activity. The motivation of the take a look is to analyze the social and economic implications of fintech. Furthermore, the important use of Fintech with inside the economic system may affect the opposite macroeconomic variables consisting of the supply of hard work pressure because of technological improvements that bring down the fee for equipment and gadget in comparison to hard work fee, which influenced the enterprise to alternate from human hard work to capital.

Keywords: fintech, social, economic, financial inclusion, and banking