Startup Valuation Metrics (for Internet Companies)

Proceedings of The 12th International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities

Year: 2022



Startup Valuation Metrics (for Internet Companies)

Athanasios Davalas, Yannis Charalabidis and Naya Fenekou



Companies use metrics to create critical neutral decisions founded on data. Internet startups companies are associated with the undetermined or disorderly nature essence of the surroundings in which they function. Using data in the form of metrics can make the right decisions amid limited resources and uncertainty for internet startup companies. Through this research, various aspects of internet startups and valuation are addressed. Such elements will cover; the things that internet startups should measure, business and financial metrics, user and consumer metrics, a methodology, and discussion. The research paper presents the outcomes of a multivocal literature analysis to provide startups with metrics practitioner experts think they should use to measure their performances.

keywords: startups, valuation metrics,business metrics,financial metrics,consumer metrics.