Crisis Communication in Social Media Era

Proceedings of The 11th international conference on Management, Economics, and Humanities

Year: 2021


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Crisis Communication in Social Media Era

Kholoud Ben Said



Over the last couple of decades, organizations have become more vulnerable to crises. Extensive research has been done to address crisis and risk communication (Houston et al., 2015). With the appearance of the social media era, an ongoing debate is raging about the effectiveness of using social media in crisis communication and how social media can be effectively utilized to mitigate the impact of crises on organizations. This article will provide a comprehensive appeal crisis, what are the needed skills to manage or lead crisis management processes. It also will illustrate how recently developed communication models such as situational crisis communication model (SCC) and social-mediated crisis communication model (SMCM) can be used to manage crises. In order to have a comprehensive overview of this topic, six articles will be analyzed and findings will be concluded.

Keywords: Crisis communication, leadership, social media era, situational crisis communication model (SCC),social-mediated crisis communication model(SMCM).