BPMN in Health Institutions- A study of the importance of process modelling in this sector

Proceedings of The 11th international conference on Management, Economics, and Humanities

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/11th.icmeh.2021.07.40

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BPMN in Health Institutions- A study of the importance of process modelling in this sector

Bruna dos Santos Luciano



Currently, a healthcare institution, of whatever type, needs detailed management of all the processes involved, so that these organizations and their professionals can provide their services more efficiently, and archive the goals of the institution. In health institutions, the processes are not identified, procedure manuals are difficult to interpret, and often, the professionals do not have time to consult them. Business Process Management can be a possible solution, used for managing the processes in this type of institution, decreasing human and technical errors. This study aims to perceive the importance and the need to implement the Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN) in a healthcare institution, through the analysis of statistical data from the application of an inquiry to the different kind of professionals who exercise their daily activities in these organizations, evaluating their knowledge about the processes in their institution and service, and how easy they can consult procedure’s manuals in case of doubt. Being this a notation used in the business and management fields, the literature and studies realized are few, when we correlate BPMN and the health field. Although only 20,6% of the professionals inquired know this notation, 72,2% think that the implementation of a method that defines and characterizes the processes performed in the service and institution where they work is advantageous. In addition to that, when we analyze the answers given by the professionals, about the trust, easiness, and quickness with what they consult the procedure’s manuals, the means were relatively low.

Keywords: Business Process Management; Business Process Modelling and Notation; Health; Procedure’s Manual; Process Management.