Investigating work-from-home experiences in different generations

Proceedings of ‏The 11th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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Investigating work-from-home experiences in different generations

Li-Fang Shen and Yuhsuan Chang



The aim of this paper is to investigate the perception of work-from-home experiences from different generations. The paper also explores the perception of future time perspective during the coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19) from X, Y, and Z generations. From the report conducted by Ozimek (2020), the rate of working from home is expected to increase up to 65%. Several studies have revealed working from home is the trend in the future. Actually, in the past three decades’ working from home has showed an obviously steady growth. This study collected the data of 904 in Taiwan employed the web-based questionnaire, and 602 of the participants had the experienced of working from home during the COVID-19. The sampling strategy of this study was based on convenience samples. This study consisted of Generation X (n=169), Generation Y (n=188) and Generation Z (n=245) participating in the survey. Technology Manufacturing and Wholesale and retail trade service industry with work-from-home experience accounted for 40% of the survey. They usually applied Line, WeChat, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom as tools for work-from-home. Our finding revealed people prefer to work from home rather than physically presenting in the office. The correlation between generations and future time perspective(FTP) was also examined the older generation reported higher level of FTP compared to that of younger generation. Further, FTP has positively associated with self-perceived productivity. The results of study offer insights and practical implications for organizations and human resource managers to design managerial assistances for employees with work-from-home experiences during the COVID-19.

Keywords: age group; Covid-19; future time perspective; telecommuting; workforce.