NIRVANA Where the mind leads the way

Proceedings of ‏The 11th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2020


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NIRVANA Where the mind leads the way

Dr. Pooja Wadhawan,Dr. Hemlata Krishnani



Suffering is equivalent to dissatisfaction and misery in present day world that impacts our wellbeing and happiness. The Buddhist concept of Four Noble truths provide the framework to understand suffering, its nature, its causes and its removal. This fourfold concept of Noble truths derived from early Buddhism will help, an individual in dealing with stress and anguish in one’s life. This paper proposes a model, NIRVANA to achieve a state of happiness for the well-being and positive growth of an individual. NIRVANA offers to provide a way or a solution to deal with present-day challenges. Where N- Non- attachment, I – Impermanence, R- Right way of life, V- Values, A – Abstinence from greed, hatred, and envy, N- nurture mindfulness, A- Attribute of sympathy and kindness. This model is intended to alleviate an individual from existential suffering that grips the world today. It is based upon philosophical perspective keeping in mind the implementation through psychological concepts.

Keywords: suffering; Noble Truths; NIRVANA; wellbeing and happiness.