A Positioning System for Total Hip Replacement Operation

Proceedings of The 10th International Conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2020


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A Positioning System for Total Hip Replacement Operation

Chun-Ta Chen, Shuhn-Shyurng Hou, Wen-Pin Pan and Yu-Cheng Wu



In this paper, a novel positioning system for the orientation of the acetabular prosthesis during the total hip replacement (THR) operation is proposed. This navigation operation is based on a two-point positioning method. Two sets of sensing modules based on inertial measurement units (IMU) including magnetometers. One is fixed to the sacrum of the back of the human body and serves as a reference datum. The other one is fixed to the acetabular rod linking to the acetabular rod for the relative rotation sensing through a Bluetooth transmission.  Thereby the required abduction and anteversion angles of the acetabular component can be measured with respect to the pelvic position. Moreover, the information fusion algorithm based on the hybrid Kalman-complementary filter is proposed to improve the orientation accuracy. Finally, the proposed navigation-like system for the acetabular cup orientation was validated through a simulation of THR.

Keywords: positioning, total hip replacement, inertial measurement unit, acetabular, hybrid Kalman-complementary filter.