Turnover Intention and Perceived Alternative Job Opportunities

Proceedings of The 10th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



Turnover Intention and Perceived Alternative Job Opportunities

Ana Živković, Ivana Fosić, and Ana Pap Vorkapić



This research paper explores the intention to leave the current work organization and the level of perceived alternative job opportunities by discussing their interconnectedness, and interaction, making suggestions for including additional variables in future research to create a more complex and clearer picture of why employees leave organizations voluntarily. The primary survey was conducted on a sample of 439 employees of Croatian companies, and the results of the survey showed that respondents generally perceive alternative job opportunities on low levels, and there are even lower levels of turnover intention. The results indicate that respondents do not think they can easily find another job, and especially not a better one, similar to or equal to the one they currently have, so as expected, the intentions to leave the current organization are accordingly. The paper also seeks to draw attention to the context in which some phenomena occur, with particular reference to market opportunities and external threats that, if not considered in time, can cost the organization quality employees. Since the causes and motives for leaving an organization are more difficult to investigate when an employee has already left, attitudes about turnover should be examined with existing employees. In addition to attitudes and intentions, sociodemographic variables need to be studied as well.

keywords: alternative job opportunities, Croatia, employee turnover, organizational behavior.