Expectations, Motivations, and Attitudes of Qatari Tourists during Covid-19

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance

Year: 2022



Expectations, Motivations, and Attitudes of Qatari Tourists during Covid-19

Ilijana Petrovska, Sara Saleh, Ali Abdallah



In this research paper, the relationship between psychological factors which have influence on Qatari tourist is being studied. Those factors which were analyzed consist of expectations, motivation, as well as attitude of the Qatari tourist. The purpose of examining this relationship between those elements (expectations, motivation, and attitude) is to gain a better insight on Qatari tourist’s psychology, in order to give recommendations for improvement of Qatari tourist’s experience for visit a particular destination. The main research questions analyzed in this paper are covering: What are Qatari tourists’ travel motivations, expectations, and attitude? What is the link between Qatari tourists’ expectations and motivations? What relationship exists between Qatari tourists’ motivations and attitudes? How are the expectations and attitudes of Qatari tourists correlated? For this research used is quantitative research methodology, using online survey due to the covid-10 pandemic, on a sample of 107 Qatari nationals.

Keywords: Tourism consumer behavior, tourist expectations, tourist motivations, tourist attitudes, Qatari tourist.