Innovation and Public Health Policy: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Proceedings of The 4th World Conference on Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2022



Innovation and Public Health Policy: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Cristina Fernandes, André Gonçalves



Aim: This Systematic Literature Review aims to map the links and influences of public policies on health and their outcomes.

Background: Public policies play a leading role in the health sector in the development of technologies and new knowledge associated with the innovation process. However, there are asymmetries in various regions of the world that mean that access to innovations is not universal and equitable, even though the objectives of international declarations and organizations point in the opposite direction.

Evaluation: This Systematic Literature Review identifies the different clusters and other areas of interest that branch out from the triangular relationship between innovation, health care, and public policy, contributing to an identification, inclusive of all areas and professionals in the sector, of existing works in the scientific literature that can help in understanding the role of states in supporting health services, identifying strengths to be enhanced and gaps to be corrected.

Key issues: Six thematic clusters were identified in this domain, made up of a total of 30 articles, the methodological analysis was carried out, and the results obtained were described, as well as the priorities each one points to. The clusters are Health Promotion at Governmental Level, Models of Innovation in Health Management, Interdependence of the Health Sector on Economy and Industry, Knowledge Management and Innovation in Public Health Policies, Pharmaceutical Industry and Inclusive Innovation.

Conclusion: It was possible to identify in each cluster the lines of research for a future agenda, guiding future researchers in the deepening of this theme with such relevance for society and for citizens in particular.

Implications for Nursing Management: In each of the identified themes, nursing managers find points of interest that can support their performance and management, finding commonalities with the described realities and being able to replicate certain interventions and policies to solve problems in their own contexts. They can also contribute to the future research agenda in the area, through their own contributions or by promoting interest in the topic within their teams.

keywords: Innovation, Public Policies, Health, Nursing Management, Medicine, Systematic Literature