Project Manager Competencies in Multicultural Environment

Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2020


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Project Manager Competencies in Multicultural Environment

Boryana Bogoeva



The purpose of this paper is to present manager competencies as a key factor for project management, as well as the belief that classical managerial practices and models focusing on traditional management are irrelevant in the contemporary international conditions. This is called for by the progressively growing number of projects managed by organisations in a multicultural environment. In today’s business world, project management requires new thinking and managerial skills, as well as often overcoming existing stereotypes, values beliefs and norms, established as a result of the mainstream dimensions of the cultural environment – undoubtedly of paramount importance for project management in multicultural environment too. That has led to a change in the skills project managers must have.  In this respect, we are of the opinion that the research of cultural aspects in view of improving the project management toolbox is a particularly timely and important task.  The theoretical contribution of this paper is the presented competency model, containing the necessary set of competencies needed by project managers in order to be able to manage in a multicultural environment based on cultural diversity diagnostics and multicultural project team functioning. The impact of the elements and the factors of a multicultural environment on project management are a not completely developed scientific area in project management. It is of paramount importance for the management practices to extrapolate ways for using the strengths of project management in a multicultural environment through some relevant knowledge, skills and competencies purposefully developed for and by project managers.

Keywords: project management, multicultural environment, competencies, culture.