Modeling Authentication in Mal Sequence Diagram

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Future of Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Modeling Authentication in Mal Sequence Diagram

Madiha Arooja, Muhammad Yousaf, Rizwan Bin Faiz and Samir Obaid



Software Requirement Specification involves both functional and Non Functional Requirements (NFRs), defines system attributes and serves as a constraint on software design. While designing software, NFR in general and security requirements in specific are neglected or poorly designed since they are not treated as an important part of designing. As a consequence of which our software is vulnerable to security threats. Modeling software threats in early stages of software engineering i.e. design can help developers to identify security threats and design their corresponding mitigation. We therefore in this paper model authentication threats e.g. skimming and replay attack in mal sequence diagram. In order to do so an extended meta-model of sequence diagram designed based upon which profile mal sequence diagram is designed. Both skimming and replay attack and their corresponding mitigation is successfully modeled upon ATM various usage scenarios of ATM case study.

Keywords: NFR modeling, security, sequence diagram, UML profiling, object constraint language.