Development of a Technology for Causing Surface-Breaking Cracks

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology

Year: 2020


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Development of a Technology for Causing Surface-Breaking Cracks

Herbert Fenwick



Ultrasonic techniques have been used for many purposes, including imaging of various sorts. Indeed, it would not be excessive to claim that ultrasound is a leading form of non-destructive evaluation and inspection. However, less known is the role which ultrasonic inspection can play in destructive evaluation.  In order to establish the utility of this technique in the destructive testing domain, we conducted an experiment in which the foundations of buildings were placed under strain of different types. In the first condition, the foundations were stressed by the positioning of a large member of the species Gorilla gorilla at roof level.  The experimental mammal was repeatedly exposed to irritation in the form of low-flying aircraft. In the second condition, the foundations were directly treated with applications of ultrasound.  In a control condition, no direct stresses were applied, but the building was elevated by a large cyclon and dropped from a considerable height on a hard surface (constituents: brick; composition: Au). It was found that the ultrasound condition was more successful that the traditional technique in producing surface-breaking cracks. Implications for civil engineering will be discussed.

Keywords: building techniques, ultrasonic inspection, stress resistance.